DrupalCon, content staging and Drupal 8 | Senzilla

Op de laatste drupalcon werden een aantal initiatieven genomen / verder gezet rond content staging in Drupal (8). Een overzicht, en een stand van zaken ... - In core? - Content management workflows - Entity API: Inleiding op Property API - PHPCR en Drupal? - Notities bij de BoF rond content staging

Menu Weight Assist |

Menu Weight Assist adds a display of the menu items, with their weights, that are children of the selected "Parent Item" in the "Menu Settings" fieldgroup of the Node Edit form.

Node in CCK |

A CCK field to embed the content of another node inside this CCK content type's edit form and output display. This simply take the output of another node and embed it there as static content for things such as lengthy explanation/legalese. This is similar to the Markup module with these differences: 1. The output of another node is used instead of setting the HTML markup text in the CCK field settings. This has the benefit of taking full advantage of Drupal's content system so things like making change to the text is simply editing that other node.

RelatedContent: assemble teasers at the end of a node |

Use case The Simplenews module can be used to provide newsletters for visitors to subscribe to. The module provides a particular content type called Newsletter issue. When editing a newsletter issue, the editor has a single text-area for the content. It is suitable for self-contained newsletters. However, it cannot easily be used to accomplish newsletters made up of an introductory text followed by teasers to articles already published on the website. RelatedContent was originally developed to extend the Newsletter issue content type (and other content types) with this possibility.

Content Access 1.0 for drupal 6 released! |

I've just released 6.x-1.0 of the content access module - yet another node access module. In comparison to the 5.x version there are quite some changes and improvements. First off the module leverages the new permissions for content types of drupal 6: "edit any type", and "delete any type". Then consequently it makes also use of the "edit own type" and "delete own type" permissions and provides a "view own type" setting. So the 5.x "author" checkbox has been removed in favour of these role based settings.

Multiple nodes from single node submission in Drupal | Advomatic - Drupal Development, Hosting, and Consulting

use case: to create multiple nodes from a single node submission. This is something that Drupal can handle relatively easily but, it is just not that intuitive so here is a tutorial on how I accomplished this. This tutorial will cover how to create two nodes, an image node and a text node, from a single submitted node.

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