jQuery :random filter - Waldek Mastykarz

While working on a new JavaScript mockup I needed a way to obtain a random jQuery item. While I could use jQuery(“selector”).get(int) to get a random item, I wanted to have a cleaner way of doing that to keep my code clean. jQuery ships with great support for extensibility. You can not only extend jQuery with custom functions but filters as well. That is when I thought of the custom “:random” filter, just as you have the standard “:first”, “:last” and “:nth” filters.

Multistep | drupal.org

Multistep adds multiple-step functionality to content type editing forms. It does so by assigning a step number to each fieldgroup within the content type and hiding all the groups that do not belong to the current step. The user can then use different submitting buttons that will redirect to the previous, next, or current step. The module also provides a block for each content type with a menu of the different groups within that form and a progress bar.

Automatically open all external links in a new window using jQuery | Drupal coder

Om een link te openen in een nieuw venster, is het gebruik van target="_blank" meer dan ingeburgerd. Maar wat als je duizenden links hebt in honderden pagina's die moeten aangepast worden? Is er een manier om dit automatisch te doen? jQuery to the rescue!


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