Setup a new content type on install and add fields

Overzichtelijke blogpost over wat te doen in je install file bij het aanmaken van een nieuw content type vanuit je module code. Legt ook uit hoe je velden kan aanmaken met de field api.

Multilingual views in Drupal when using i18n module | computerminds

The i18n views integration module does an excellent job of allowing you to return only nodes matching a particular language, but it doesn't help when it comes to translating the view itself - and more importantly allowing a view to site nicely into multiple positions in the menu (one per language).

Cleaning Up Node Edit Forms | Drupaler | Drupal Blog, Collaborative Drupal Resource

Almost every module you install will put something more on the node forms, until you end up scrolling forever just to reach the Save button. Not to mention most of this stuff you won't want them playing with anyway. Of course a lot of this "tidying" can be done with roles and user permissions. You can hide most stuff from Joe Editor this way, but sometimes the form is still pretty long and unwieldy. So how do you make prettier node forms?

Node in CCK |

A CCK field to embed the content of another node inside this CCK content type's edit form and output display. This simply take the output of another node and embed it there as static content for things such as lengthy explanation/legalese. This is similar to the Markup module with these differences: 1. The output of another node is used instead of setting the HTML markup text in the CCK field settings. This has the benefit of taking full advantage of Drupal's content system so things like making change to the text is simply editing that other node.

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