Surface drilling Drupal Panels 3 | blog

Een panel is een set van specificaties om een samengestelde presentatie van verschillende stukken inhoud op een zelfde pagina te beheren: * Welke soorten inhoud worden ingeladen (uit de database)? * Waar moeten die stukken inhoud geplaatst worden (in de layout: panes)? * Hoe moeten die stukken inhoud gerendered worden? * Wanneer - onder welke omstandigheden - mogen die stukken inhoud getoond worden? * Welke URI paden ontsluiten deze samengestelde pagina?

Multilingual views in Drupal when using i18n module | computerminds

The i18n views integration module does an excellent job of allowing you to return only nodes matching a particular language, but it doesn't help when it comes to translating the view itself - and more importantly allowing a view to site nicely into multiple positions in the menu (one per language).

Panels Override Support |

I'm currently using Panels2 in my Drupal 6 site to do a node-override for a couple node types. The overridden nodes don't seem to respond to Menu Trails settings. If I disable Panels, Menu Trails works as expected for each type. Would it be possible to allow Menu Trails to set the menu parents and breadcrumbs for Panel Pages that are catching certain node types?

I get ajax error while adding content in panels block |

Description i get information as "An error occurred while attempting to process /panels/ajax/add-pane/panel_context%3Auser_view%3A/top"

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