Smart Image Resizer (PHP): a simple way to create thumbnails and more on the fly - Shifting Pixel

A ridiculously easy-to-use PHP script for resizing images the smart way. One of the challenges that comes with maintaining a graphic-intensive website like Shifting Pixel is finding a way to get high quality images throughout the site with as little effort as possible. To tackle this, I developed the Smart Image Resizer and have been using it around the site for the past few months. I couldn’t be happier.

Wild Apricot Blog : 4 Ways to Search Flickr by Color

We’ve talked before about how to find Flickr photographs you can use on your website or blog, with a number of good online tools that search Flickr for Creative Commons-licensed images based on tags or keywords. But here’s another (more colorful) way to go about finding the pictures you need: search by color!

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