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While working on a new JavaScript mockup I needed a way to obtain a random jQuery item. While I could use jQuery(“selector”).get(int) to get a random item, I wanted to have a cleaner way of doing that to keep my code clean. jQuery ships with great support for extensibility. You can not only extend jQuery with custom functions but filters as well. That is when I thought of the custom “:random” filter, just as you have the standard “:first”, “:last” and “:nth” filters.

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jQote is a lightweight jQuery templating engine that's based on John Resig's JavaScript Micro-Templating code. jQote makes it easy for you to display arbitrary data using templates directly embeded into your HTML source code. These templates will be ignored by browsers and search engines and moreover are perfectly valid markup.

Fivelist Smart Wizard

Smart Wizard is a flexible jQuery(a JavaScript library) plugin that gives wizard like interface. Wizards are generally used to give step by step contents into users, it gives better and clean user interface and saves space. An example of wizard can see when we install a software in our windows machine. Some websites also uses this approach on their user registration or etc.

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Leuke plugin! Pompt een (json) object in je html door de object-keys te matchen met een html element id, en de object-value als inhoud te plaatsen. Kan bvb. bruikbaar zijn bij het herbevolken van forms.

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