Firefox/Thunderbird Extension Wizard

The Extension Wizard generates an extension skeleton to meet your needs. It is intended to save the time you would normally spend copying and pasting from your previous extensions or sample extensions.

SQL Cheat Sheet: Query By Example

MySQL 5 Specific syntax for doing multi-table UPDATE joins UPDATE customers, orders SET customers.rating = 'Good' WHERE orders.customer_id = customers.customer_id

jQuery: » jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1 Released

Hot off the presses: jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1 is released! This is the first alpha release of jQuery 1.4. The code is stable (passing all tests in all browsers we support), feature-complete (we’re no longer accepting new features for the release), and needs to be tested in live applications. I tested for Apollo CMS, no problems detected.

Multiple nodes from single node submission in Drupal | Advomatic - Drupal Development, Hosting, and Consulting

use case: to create multiple nodes from a single node submission. This is something that Drupal can handle relatively easily but, it is just not that intuitive so here is a tutorial on how I accomplished this. This tutorial will cover how to create two nodes, an image node and a text node, from a single submitted node.


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