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Drupal has an extensive theming system which includes theme functions that can be overridden and an extensible template system. Most of the talk surrounding this system focuses on the server side system and what we can do in PHP. But, that's not all there is to the theme system. Drupal provides a theme system for JavaScript as well. One with callbacks that can be overridden by themes, just like on the PHP side.

Drupal 7 theming basics | Amanda Rodriguez

Enkele nieuwigheden op een rijtje gezet ivm theming in Drupal 7. Ideaal voor developers die niet door de hele reutemeteut willen gaan maar toch een klein beetje op de hoogte willen blijven van wat collega's themers en front-enders allemaal (zouden kunnen) uitspoken.

Theming in Drupal7 - DUG Gent

Op donderdag 30 september was er een Drupal samenkomst in Gent.

In het eerste deel gaf Hans Rossel aan de hand van een demo een overzicht hoe je van een versneden design een Drupal 7 theme kan maken. Voor beginners een kennismaking met themen in Drupal, voor gevorderden een ideale kapstok om de nieuwigheden in Drupal 7 aan op te hangen.

Slideshow: Drupal 7 Theming
View more presentations from Hans Rossel.
Na de pauze was er Maarten De Block die de kunst van het subthemen eventjes kwam demonstreren. Drie van de meest courante base-themes passeerden de revue: Zen, Fusion en Basic. Zen en Basic zijn conventionele layouts, met Fusion werd gekozen om een grid-layout in het verhaal te betrekken. Drupal 6 en 7 werden naast elkaar geplaatst en er bleek weinig verschil in aanpak te zijn tussen de twee versies. Ten slotte werd mijn interesse nog gewekt door de Skinr module, die vlot samenwerkt met Fusion. 

How to theme taxonomy term main page? |

Different templates by type for term page jessa_d - December 13, 2007 - 02:13 I extended this to the following: <?php function _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars = array()) { switch ($hook) { case 'node': if (arg(0)== 'taxonomy') { $vars['template_files'] = array( 'node-taxonomy', 'node-'.$vars['node']->type.'-taxonomy' ); } break; } return $vars; } ?> Now, I can use node-taxonomy.tlp.php as the default template for a node on a taxonomy term page, and ove

Cleaning Up Node Edit Forms | Drupaler | Drupal Blog, Collaborative Drupal Resource

Almost every module you install will put something more on the node forms, until you end up scrolling forever just to reach the Save button. Not to mention most of this stuff you won't want them playing with anyway. Of course a lot of this "tidying" can be done with roles and user permissions. You can hide most stuff from Joe Editor this way, but sometimes the form is still pretty long and unwieldy. So how do you make prettier node forms?

Themer Pack Working Group |

The Drupal Themer Pack is a group effort of people who want to contribute to Drupal and make the lives of themers a little easier by creating a comprehensive set of templates for every themable in Drupal core. The goal is to do the work of separating logic from presentation; however, the themer pack will not change the output. If you drop the themer pack files into your theme and enable it, you should see no difference until the templates are modified.

Dynamic Theming in Drupal 6 - Part 1

The Drupal system, when combined with the PHPTemplate engine, gives you the ability to create logic that will automatically display templates or specific elements in response to the existence of certain conditions. In this two part article by Ric Shreves, we will look at running multiple templates, and at creating dynamic elements and styles. Among the techniques covered in these articles ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) are: using suggestions—naming conventions—to control template display, the use of $body_classes to create dynamic styling, and the implementation of the preprocessor function.

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