Menu Weight Assist |

Menu Weight Assist adds a display of the menu items, with their weights, that are children of the selected "Parent Item" in the "Menu Settings" fieldgroup of the Node Edit form.

We are Colorblind » Patterns for the Color Blind

The patterns and examples on this site help you create websites the color blind can use without problems.

Nodeselect |

Nodeselect allows editors to search for content, in a simple exposed View integrated with Embedded Edit, and results can be drag and dropped into nodereferences. * Search content: In an exposed View: You can easily add your own filters with Views UI. * Edit/View content from the same page: Using Embedded Edit, you can view/edit the results of search directly. * Drag and Drop results into nodereferences: Choose on the config page which nodereference are droppable, and drag results here.

Multiselect |

The Multiselect module defines a widget to be used with CCK fields. It allows the user to select multiple items in an easy way. It consists of two lists, one of all available items, the other of selected items. The user can select an item by moving it from the unselected list to the selected list. This module relies on the built-in jQuery features of Drupal 6 and does not require any additional modules other than the CCK module set.

Usabilityweb » Blog Archive » IKEA haar slimme toepassing van MBTI principes

Hierdoor kunnen we vier soorten website bezoekers onderscheiden: Competitieve bezoekers nemen snel besluiten op basis van feiten. Spontane bezoekers nemen snel besluiten op basis van gevoel. Humanistische bezoekers nemen langzaam besluiten op basis van gevoel. Methodische bezoekers nemen langzaam besluiten op basis van feiten


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