Building forms with cck, actions and workflow | Digett

We just finished building a simple form application for a client. Previously we have been big fans of webform.module, but this time we decided to go another route. After seeing some posts around about using a combination of cck, actions and workflow to accomplish some of this same functionality, I decided to give it a shot.

Drupal 6 Workflow Module: Documentation | Don

The Workflow module allows you to do workflow on a specific document type. For example, I wanted to add a workflow process to a story document. My story document can be submitted by an authenticated user, then someone with editor access can approve it. Until approval, the document should not be available to others for viewing. It's as simple a workflow as possible

Fivelist Smart Wizard

Smart Wizard is a flexible jQuery(a JavaScript library) plugin that gives wizard like interface. Wizards are generally used to give step by step contents into users, it gives better and clean user interface and saves space. An example of wizard can see when we install a software in our windows machine. Some websites also uses this approach on their user registration or etc.

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